For more information, please contact us if you would like to know more about doing business with Kessler Writing Services.

Who is your team and who will I be dealing with directly?

Sam Kessler will be the primary person working on your project, however, from time to time he will utilize his handpicked team of seasoned and highly talented freelance writers and editors to assist him when needed. For example, he might use them for a consult, extra pair of eyes to review the document, or use them if he requires extra assistance on huge projects. Either way, he’ll be your point of contact and will be in charge of your project development.

What are your office hours?

His office hours during the week days are usually from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm. However, he also works evenings and weekends when necessary in order to better service the needs of his clients.

Why hire a professional writing services?

The responsibility of a good professional writing service is more than just ensuring good writing quality for its clients. Each writing project tells some type of story and that requires excellent spinning of details to help articulate a specific point that is intended to generate both new and strategic perspectives to its readers.

Why should we choose Kessler Writing Services when there are many similar sites on the web?

Hire Kessler Writing Services and you will receive more than just a premier set of services with first class standards. You will also receive a personal hands-on approach as well as an ally who will work for your success.

What does Kessler Writing Services do?

Kessler Writing Services  does all types of copy writing, professional writing, editing, proofreading, researching and consulting services for big and small organizations as well as private individuals. Our repeat business is high because customers enjoy the fast, reliable and affordable services that KWS is known for.

Does the client have to be in the same location as you?

No, in fact most of KWS’ clients are located in several cities, states and countries abroad. The internet has made it possible for professionals and organizations to market themselves and do business with those that are far beyond their realm. Since KWS is mainly an online business, we consider the client barriers to be endless.

Should the client be concerned if all business correspondences are primarily done in telephone, email, and video format rather than in person?

Absolutely not. As mentioned above, several of KWS’ clients live in various cities throughout the United States and abroad. Our approach is to keep the dialogue in our telephone/video sessions and emails as transparent as possible, especially for those unable to meet with us in person.