Sustainable Business Venture: The Greenheart Project

The Greenheart Project Located in Japan, The Greenheart Project is gaining international recognition as a sustainable business venture that combines international trade and development principles with a social/environmental responsibility focus. The initiative is centered on building solar and wind-powered cargo sailing vessels that meets the demands of impoverished coastal communities throughout the world. The goal […]

5 Tips For Improving Your Web Copy and Website Content

Most people would agree that reading print is less stressful than reading online. You don’t have to worry about flashing signs and popup ads appearing when trying to get information, nor do you have to worry about changing the level of brightness on your monitor for that perfect image. Yes sir, reading in print is […]

The Four Levels of Entrepreneurialism

I just watched this video on YouTube about Midway USA Founder and CEO, Larry Potterfield winning the Ernst and Young Master Entrepreneur Award. He gave a nice acceptance speech while making some very important points that are on the minds of several new and surviving entrepreneurs. First of all, Larry Potterfield’s company, Midway USA, focuses […]

Small Business….In The News….

1.) The Wall Street Journal By Emily Maltby Q&A: How the Credit Card Settlement Affects You     2.) NY Times By Anne Field Strategies for Growth, Even in Down Times   3.) Entrepreneur By Jane Porter Three Personality Types That Can Harm Your Business  

Starting a Small Business During a Recession

Most people think we live in a recession while others believe we’re heading towards another great depression. However, with some good-old-fashioned hard work, determination and a little ingenuity, we can replace those dark and dreary words into something more positive sounding. “Lucrative business opportunity” comes to mind. After all, there is always a niche to […]

5 Ways to Promote Your Freelance Writing Business

Want to increase your income as a freelance writer while boosting your visibility? Well, as one very successful entrepreneur once told me that even though he gained a competitive advantage over his competitors, he still maintains the mentality that his work is far from complete. In fact it’s his business to stay on the cutting […]

Web Relaunch Coming Soon…..

As you can tell, I am in the middle of redesigning this website. It will be an updated version of the old one with a new look and feel. Like other businesses I decided to integrate my website with WordPress by using the Genesis format that StudioPress offers. I find this trend in web design […]