About Us

Kessler Writing Services is a full service, strategic communications business committed to delivering customized solutions that will help you save time, build credibility, and make money. Our service arsenal is at your fingertips. We look forward contributing to your success.

Our team has a combined 60 years experience creating compelling and unique content. Kessler Writing Services (KWS) is owned and operated by communications strategist, copywriter, author, and entrepreneur Sam Kessler. KWS got its start when he began consulting businesses and non-profits with their business proposal letters, grants, media and fundraising solutions. Since that time, we have expanded our services to include promotional and non-promotional writing, editing, researching and integrated communications solutions for small-medium-large businesses, non-profits, and entrepreneurs. We specialize in developing communications strategies for businesses and organizations that require expertise in promoting a unique voice, image and vision on the web and offline.

Helping You Thrive and Shine!

For many people, writing can be a big challenge. However, in the business, political and non-profit world it is imperative to display an impeccable use of language in every business, professional and commercial document. Our writing and editing solutions will benefit customers, as we understand the importance of using clear and concise language that is needed to present an image of a first-rate organization and its objectives. We are here to polish our client’s documents until they shine. Our repeat business is high because customers know they can depend on our consistency and first-rate service.