About Sam Kessler

Kessler Writing Services origins began in the late 1990s when its founder, Sam Kessler was only a sophomore in college. At that time, he joined the school newspaper and helped several campus organizations develop their newsletters, fliers and other promotional materials, including spearheading his own publication on foreign affairs called, The Global Times Review where he managed ten journalists and editors.

After college he moved to New York City where he spent several years working as a consultant and liaison officer to several non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that had consultative status at the United Nations (UN). During that time period he represented groups of stakeholders at various UN conferences and summits in the economic and social fields and served on the boards of several NGO committees that worked on lobbying and forging alliances at several conferences that dealt with policy making.

The environment at the UN is purely diplomatic, political and very formal. Words are considered to be very potent and even the most casually phrased sentences can have a very strong impact on the outcome of high-level meetings, consultations and negotiations. Part of Sam’s responsibilities included co-drafting and editing several proposal letters and promotional materials that were geared towards the diplomatic delegations that represented numerous foreign affairs offices of several countries, including the U.S. Department of State. He also co-drafted several reports that focused on economic and social changes happening in different regions of the world. Also, being an NGO consultant he drafted several grant proposals and promotional materials for each of these organizations, including helping new and upcoming organizations establish their non-profit status and setting up their organizational framework.

Sam’s motto is to “be as well-rounded and versatile as possible”, which is why he decided to fill up an empty void by switching over to the business sector. He was offered a job working for an investment management firm where he would apply his writing, researching and due diligence skills to the fullest as an analyst for the legal compliance department.

When the financial sector in New York City was hit hard in 2008 and the apparent lack of job opportunities made available to a large group of highly trained unemployed professionals, Sam decided to take the entrepreneurial route. Kessler Writing Services started building up its clientele of employed and unemployed professionals and struggling small-large businesses (including non-profits and NGOs). He helps sharpen the image of their businesses, marketing and promotional communications. In times of economic stagnation when the stakes are much higher, Sam helps people, businesses and organizations that are trying desperately to stay afloat to eventually get ahead. For this reason, Kessler Writing Services was created to help its clients move forward and achieve success in obtaining their objectives with first-rate strategic business communications.

In addition to running Kessler Writing Services, Sam also runs Kessler Global Solutions that provides business, financial, political, non-profit, and international due diligence consulting services.

When not writing for clients, he writes on issues pertaining to foreign affairs, national security, business-financial-corporate security, business communications, and blogging.