5 Ways to Promote Your Freelance Writing Business

Want to increase your income as a freelance writer while boosting your visibility? Well, as one very successful entrepreneur once told me that even though he gained a competitive advantage over his competitors, he still maintains the mentality that his work is far from complete. In fact it’s his business to stay on the cutting edge of things in his particular industry. This concept is the same for freelance writers who are either starting out or are already established. For those looking to improve the success of their freelance writing business, here are 5 ways that can help you boost income and clients.

  1. Create a List of Previous Clients and Contact Them!

    Create an ongoing list of all your clients that includes the dates, type of project and payment amount. Then contact the clients who you haven’t heard from in the last 6-9 months. It helps to remind them that you are still around and are available in case they require another freelance writer. Otherwise you might lose potential repeat business because they either forgot about you or lost your contact info and found another freelance writer to take your spot. As long as they are happy with your work and rates, then there is no reason why they should not still consider you the flavor of the month. Or in other words, their go-to guy for all writing projects!

  2. Create a Promotional Package that Describes Your Freelance Writing Business!

    Get a folder and include the following contents that will help promote your freelance business to potential clients: Business profile and list of services, portfolio consisting of your writing samples, link to your website and blog, company brochure, and a business card. This package can be a good beginning in relationship building with potential clients. The rest is up to you in how you sell yourself as their main go-to guy.
  3. Write a Blog or Publication Article to Promote Your Writing Services!

    A writer’s job is never done. A freelance writer is not limited to only write for their clients. In fact, they must learn to write for themselves as part of their promotional strategy. When not writing for your clients or managing your freelance business empire, your other job is to write to self-promote your business. The more visibility you have, the more attractive you are to potential and existing clients.
  4. Research 20-30 Clients Per Day Representing Various Industries and Contact Them!

    One of the best ways to increase the number of writing jobs you get is to commit yourself to researching 20 to 30 potential clients per day that represent various industries and cold-call them. E-mails and sending introductory letters by post office are also effective, however personal contact with the potential client can help seal the deal much quicker if you talk to them in person. Sometimes I find myself not always having the time to do all of this in one business day. So I’ll end up deciding that 2/3 of potential clients will be given introductory letters that are sent by either E-mail or by post office. The remaining 1/3 will be my cold-calls for the day.
  5. Social Media, Social Media, and Social Media!

    Social Media is a terrific tool for Freelance Writers, entrepreneurs, non-profits, and businesses of all sizes. But for freelance writers who are actively practicing their craft and using it to promote themselves, social media websites can be one of their greatest assets. Social media websites provide a vast network of potential clients that are at your finger tips. This makes it easier to build up your web presence and enables potential clients to contact you rather than having to contact them. Websites such as Facebook and LinkedIn have made this possible and the number of businesses using social media is rising. Social media isn’t going anywhere, so use it for your freelance writing business!



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