Web Relaunch Coming Soon…..

As you can tell, I am in the middle of redesigning this website. It will be an updated version of the old one with a new look and feel. Like other businesses I decided to integrate my website with WordPress by using the Genesis format that StudioPress offers. I find this trend in web design to be highly fascinating and revolutionary as it’s a far cry from the days when Dream Weaver ruled the industry. However, I’m finding that WordPress hasn’t eliminated all web design jobs. In fact the whole scene is creating new jobs as companies like StudioPress and freelance web designers are all moving under the growing WordPress umbrella by developing new plug-ins, themes, web-formats and simply by specializing themselves as a designer of WordPress websites.

This trend has been brewing for half a decade now but last August proved that WordPress is becoming a dominant power in the world of web design and content management systems. It is  recorded that 15% of the top million websites in the world are powered by WordPress and that 22 out of every 100 new domains in the United States is powered by them too. At this point WordPress is going to continue to grow and become a standard norm in the world of web design and content management.

I am excited to be a part of this trend as there are many things to learn from it as well as being able to utilize it in the services that I offer to my clients.

Once this website is completed, I invite you to check it out and feel free to contact me if you require my services.


Sam Kessler


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